Vlookup Excel- Be the Vlookup Master in 5 minutes ..

What you will learn here?

Vlookup is the favorite excel function, we all love it from years.
You can love someone unconditionally when it has helped you a lot and have saved your time.

You will learn the Vlookup function of Excel in the most easiest way in the enire universe.

What will the outcome?

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Bonus: after two minutes you will be able to use Excel Vlookup function. 

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What is VlookUp in Excel?

Lookup means – Search for something. Here we are talking about the spreadsheet … so something about data

V means – Vertical, |. so searching, looking for the data, information from excel sheets, workbooks. we can use Vlookup …Let us lookup

Bonus Tip: Columns are vertical

If you know Vlookup excel?

If someone knows how to use excel, he has increased his salary.

He can say he knows something is excel

He learned the logic, how excel works.

Learning other functions will be easy now.

Vlookup is the gateway to Excel.

If you know vlookup function, you know something in excel

Let us start with practical and example

Action speaks louder than words. After we complete this example, you will be able to use basic Vlookup function in excel, you will understand the logic and you will have some questions.

This website www.vlookupexcel.com is dedicated to teach you the Vlookup function of excel. Vlookupexcel.com is the www.Google.com for the excel vlookup function.

Vlookup Excel, Here we go, Let us start ….

Let us start dude, please download the demo data sheet so we will be on the same page and talk will be easy

Here is the google drive link.

Once you download and open the file please let me know

I will wait for you a minute only

after a minute.

Are you done?

okay, Let us start

you have the file with data

VLOOKUP allows you to look up a value in a column on the left, then returns information in another column to the right if it finds a match.

Vlookup value array index number range

VLOOKUP function

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How to get started

There are four pieces of information that you will need in order to build the VLOOKUP syntax:

  1. The value you want to look up, also called the lookup value.
  2. The range where the lookup value is located. Remember that the lookup value should always be in the first column in the range for VLOOKUP to work correctly. For example, if your lookup value is in cell C2 then your range should start with C.
  3. The column number in the range that contains the return value. For example, if you specify B2:D11 as the range, you should count B as the first column, C as the second, and so on.
  4. Optionally, you can specify TRUE if you want an approximate match or FALSE if you want an exact match of the return value. If you don’t specify anything, the default value will always be TRUE or approximate match.

Now put all of the above together as follows:

=VLOOKUP(lookup value, range containing the lookup value, the column number in the range containing the return value, Approximate match (TRUE) or Exact match (FALSE)).


Microsoft Excel is a great tool to manage any kind data. You can see that even the technical application uses excel as an addon to organize the data.

Learning excel is always helpful and can save hours of work, any organization be it in government or private it is a necessary tool to learn.

You can say no sector where excel is not helpful. Education, manufacturing, Information Technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sales, marketing, stock trading, data science, Pharma industry. Financial institution, any shop, retail store, inventory and the list is countless, you can use the excel anywhere where data is used and maintained, means everywhere, even at home.

Excel became vital, as it saves time and organizes data very well, so that you can take the decision based on that data according to your need.

Excel comes with so many excel and function depending upon one’s need and industry.

Each function and formula in excel turns it into a completely new software that you can utilize to manage the data easily and also can see the desired result with that.

There are also look up function is excel that we have read in this article. Hlookup and Vlookup. Recently, Microsoft has launched the advanced version on these two calls Xlookup. Xlookup will we able to work as vlookup and Hlookup both, plus some additional advanced features. 

Excel has come through a long journey; it is very easy to learn. Some people think and rate is difficult as they start learning it without defining the need. If you learn excel after knowing the need of the software you will see how effective tool excel is, and it will be a weapon for you to win the fight.

“Previously the person was powerful who used to able to use the sword well, now in this word        
You will be empowered and recognised if you to how to use excel well”