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Pin code
Pin code

Pin code is just like a numeric number for the particular locality of the city, so it is easier to recognize the postal.

A particular city can have many pin codes according to the locality.

Suppose in Mumbai you will be living at place x you will have other Pincode and the person who is living at place Y will have other pin code and both are living in the same city.

Many people just use the main GPO pin code and send the postal many cases it works as they also mention the full address do the post office can recognize it and send it to the right address.

The invention of giving numbers to the logic and take the work done has made us save so much time as you can see that in the case of bar code. with just the scan and they can recognize that particular item.

Pin code is known as zip code in the USA.

Indiapost in the official website of the Indian postal department.

In India total of       pin codes

But you might be thinking about how the number of particular getting decided?

There is the whole system behind it that creates that number that we use to send the post.

It is created in such a way if you know how it works you can easily recognize which area of that code particularly belongs to.

it is not magic but it is just a simple set pattern.

Pin Code info
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